Pediatric Cleft Palate Repair Surgical Illustration

Medical students 


Pen and ink



Create a series of illustration to explain a cleft palate  repair 



My classmate Natividad Chen and I had the opportunity to observe a cleft palate repair at SickKids Hospital. Our biggest challenge was to wrap our heads around the complicated anatomy of the palate. Many small muscles are attached to the hard palate (made of bone) creating the soft palate (made of muscle). However, these delicate muscles overlap, go in different directions, and blend with various tissues. To solve this, we consulted many atlases, talked to our surgeon, consulted the literature, and created 3D maquettes. 

*This was a class assignment. For this reason, not all the illustrations are inked but are left in their sketch form. 

Very simple, fast, and rough 3D model to help us visualize the anatomy. 
Pencil sketches focusing on the tissue properties: elasticity, tension, texture and hardness. 
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