Zygosity vs Chorionicity

McMaster midwifery students for an e-textbook



Illustrator CS6



Simply depict the concept of zygosity vs chorionicity. Make a line illustration that is clear, concise and simple. 



For this illustration, the relationship between the chorion and amnion is key. I chose to colour code these structures to make them clearly distinct. Using strategies such as minimizing and recycling assets, I was able to quickly deliver this illustration. 

It was important to have a consistent style for the book. 

To do so, I studied past illustrations and made sure to closely follow the established visual style sheet. 


2018-08-01 00_37_48-comprehensive_midwif

Excerpt from McMaster's Comprehensive  Midwifery book. 


Murray-Davis, Beth., Kent, N., Morgan, L., Janssen, P., Reistma, A., Wilson, K., Marlott, A., Darling, E., Hall, W., Ou, C., Costescu., Jones, J., Demers, K. (2017). Comprehensive  Midwifery book: An Interactive Approach to the Theory & Evidence of Practice.  Hamilton, ON, Canada: McMaster